Randy Cordeiro

Randy (Surreal Neil) Cordeiro formed Super Diamond with founding members in Fall of 1992 in San Francisco. The first show was at Paradise Lounge March 30, 1993.
Randy lives in San Francisco’s Dogpatch district and has lived in the City since 1992.

Cordeiro’s passion for Diamond’s infectious rock took root early. His parents bought him an 8-track tape of the singer’s greatest hits back in 1977. Tracks like “Sweet Caroline,” “Song Sung Blue” and “Brooklyn Roads” left a mark. The 12-year-old became a fan for life.
He is also a big fan of other genres of music including artists like Wilco, Morphine, Air, Supergrass, Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo, Stephen Duffy/Lilac Time, Kate Bush, Marc Almond/Soft Cell, XTC, Grace Jones, Tears for Fears and his recent found love of Andy Williams.

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Yes, Neil Diamond wore beaded shirts, not sequins, Super Diamond’s Randy “Surreal Neil” Cordeiro acknowledged.
“I know he wears beads, but I’m just going to embrace the sequins,” Cordeiro said in a telephone interview from San Francisco. He added his “Surreal Neil” presents a surreal interpretation of Neil Diamond. “That means I have creative license to wear sequins or whatever I want,” Cordeiro said with a laugh. “I’m not trying to duplicate a Neil Diamond show, I’m not trying to be exactly like him, so we embrace the sequins in Super Diamond, although we admit Neil Diamond doesn’t wear sequins.”

He met the real Neil Diamond. In fact, Diamond has performed with Super Diamond on stage on two occasions. Both times it was at the former House of Blues in Hollywood. The club closed in 2015 and was torn down in 2017, to make way for a mixed-use development.
The first time Diamond performed with the group was at a Super Diamond show. Cordeiro knew Diamond was coming to the show. He didn’t invite him to sing with the band until right before the show started. Diamond said yes. Diamond then performed with the group again at the premiere of “Saving Silverman,” along with the cast of the movie.

The band members are always challenging themselves to improve, Cordeiro said. That’s partly why he quit his day job as an engineer in 1998 to travel the country and “spread the good word of Neil.”

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